Monday, January 11, 2016

Blogger New Years Challenge: Days 9-11

Welcome to the NEW YEAR everyone! 
What better way to bring it in than with a new challenge from Parajunkee?! For the next 14 days I, along with other blogs, will be bringing you awesomeness to help kick start your new blogging year!
It's never to late to join the fun! Just visit this lovely page and see what the fuss is about!

Each day there is going to be something different being discussed on the blog.
I think this is the perfect way to help get the blog in order!
I hope to see you all each day to help me discuss these topics!
Or better yet, you can also join in and we can all discuss all over the place!
--> below are the topics we will be going over

Day 9
You Favorite 2015 Blogging Moment
Okay, I know I slacked this weekend.. With Cheerleading for my daughter, college classes starting back up and everyone around here seeming to get sick, I completely slacked! I have gotten most of my post for this week scheduled, so I hope to avoid that happening again! I have added days 9-11 on this post since I am a little bit behind! Sorry for making you read so much in one post! Don't worry though, I love talking with you ladies, so I will be going back and visiting your other days as well! I hope you are all having a wonderful Monday!

❤ Starting my Blog! - Since I did not even start this until the end of Dec, the only major thing that was a best moment for me was taking the leap from reading other peoples blogs (which I still do), into making my own and joining the book blogging world! I am in love with this hobby and I am glad I found a way to find like minded people to share my thoughts with about books! Take this hop for example, I have met many ladies who enjoy some of the same things I do & I hope to keep the communication going once this challenge has ended!

Day 10
Changes You Will be Making in 2016
As of right now, I do not really have any changes I will be making. What I am doing now seems to be working for me. I have a good combination of reviews, memes, hops and things of that nature. One thing I am going to do is start doing post aimed to drive in some discussion among those who take the time to visit! Just a way to get the mind flowing and have a good conversation about the one thing we all have in common.. books! I have some ideas I have been tossing around so I hope to get some of those going soon! I even have a meme I want to try and get off the ground, but I am unsure as to how successful it will be! I think it will be fun to read some of the answers and see how many people take the time to participate!

Day 11
How Many Books are You Reading in 2016? Top Books on Your TBR List?
❤ 100 Books! - My Goodreads goal is set at 100 books for 2016. I am aiming to make that number, but won't complain if I happen to go OVER that number! I joined a few challenges to help open my mind up to other genres I would normally not read, so I hope this helps to raise my book count as well!

❤ Lori Foster - She is always at the top of my TBR list. I have literally read every book she has released and I am thinking it is safe to say I am slightly obsessed with her work! Aside from her, I do not really have a TOP list, as I get extra excited for all books! I can list some of the ones I am looking forward to though!

The list below is not all of the novels I am planning to read, but are the ones I am most excited to read!

Fighting Dirty by Lori Foster
One With You by Sylvia Day
Legend by Katy Evans
Wild Seasons - books 1-4 - by Christina Lauren
Pucked - books 1-3 - by Helena Hunting

Thanks for stopping by FHR!
What was your best 2015 blogging moment?
What Changes You Will be Making in 2016?
How Many Books are You Reading in 2016?!
Did you participate in this challenge? Leave me your link!
Didn't participate? Let me know what your thoughts are in the comments!
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  1. 100 books is great.

    I set mine low. :)

    Have a great week.

    This challenge has been so much fun, and I met some new bloggers.

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