Thursday, January 7, 2016

Blogger New Years Challenge Day 6 and 7

Welcome to the NEW YEAR everyone! 
What better way to bring it in than with a new challenge from Parajunkee?! For the next 14 days I, along with other blogs, will be bringing you awesomeness to help kick start your new blogging year!
It's never to late to join the fun! Just visit this lovely page and see what the fuss is about!

Each day there is going to be something different being discussed on the blog.
I think this is the perfect way to help get the blog in order!
I hope to see you all each day to help me discuss these topics!
Or better yet, you can also join in and we can all discuss all over the place!
--> below are the topics we will be going over

Day 6
Worst Book(s) of 2015
I know I missed this yesterday, it was a mess of a day - so I am making it up today! I had 4-5 books I wanted to put on here, but I decided on just putting the one that broke my heart the most. I had SUCH HIGH hopes when it came to this novel, because I had so many different people say it rocked. The reviews were mixed - but I always try and give things a chance on my own. I think I let the hype get to me on this one because my hopes were way high. Then they were crushed. While I cannot say the ENTIRE novel wasn't great, it just wasn't what I wanted it to be.

-- clicking on the images will take you to the Goodreads page --

   Day 7
Top 10 Blogger Peeves of 2015

Since I didn't start until Christmas Day, I honestly cannot think of anything to put here.. I am sure if this is a prompt on the next challenge in 2017, I might have a different answer! I know that doesn't help with the discussion on this post - but I was late on the blogging train! Really though, I just kind of focus on my blog, interact with the people who interact with me - try and reach out to new bloggers when I can (I am working on this!) - so I haven't seen anything that peeved me off as of yet!

OH! I lied.
One thing I have noticed is those who make accounts JUST FOR GIVEAWAYS! Like, I get it, you like free things. Who doesn't?! But I LOVE interacting with people who love the things I love. It's hard to interact with someone who only floods your twitter feed and everything else with giveaway post. I know, that was a rant, but I couldn't help it!

Thanks for stopping by FHR!
What was your worst book in 2015? Your Blogging Peeve?
Did you participate in this challenge? Leave me your link!
Didn't participate? Let me know in the comments what your resolutions are!
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  1. You have a nice blog for just starting it.

    Just continue to join in memes, and folks will come to see what you are doing.

    But....most of all....HAVE FUN.

    Silver’s Reviews
    My Blogger New Year’s Challenge

  2. I think you blog is very nice looking. I didn't start blogging until the 4th of December, so I can relate to having a new blog. You can see mine here: http://theresaraymer.blogspot

  3. I would totally have given Cannon a shot too, just based on that cover. :)

    I rarely enter/do giveaways because I feel like it's always a lot of hoops to jump through. I bet by this time next year, your pet peeve list will have grown! ;)

    1. Giveaways that use Rafflecopter are VERY annoying and have a lot of hoops to jump through. I won't enter anything when Rafflecopter is used.

      My giveaways are simple. I use Google Forms...all I ask for is first name, e-mail, and blog or your state if it is a USA giveaway only.


  4. You know, I always wonder why anyone would just want to host giveaways on their blogs without saying something about the book. It just doesn't make sense to me at all.