So.. This pretty much sums me up.
My name is Punkie Vee.
No, this is not my real name, but it is the name I choose to go by! Call them personal reasons if you will.

I am obsessed with books. I can imagine you are too, since you are sitting here reading this blog!
I made this with the intention to meet others who love reading just as much as I do!
Don't get me wrong, I have plenty of friends who "read," but they just DON'T GET IT.

You know, the feeling of when the book ends and it is like you ENTIRE WORLD just ended - but everyone is still going on about their life as if your whole world didn't just shatter into a million pieces!

I am unique. crazy. outgoing. very talkative.
I love Harry Potter with a heartfelt passion.
I am #TeamPeta and #TeamJacob all the way.
Don't Judge Me. We all walk the line!

I have 2 kids.
I'm married to an amazing man.
I work, blog and do the every day mommy life that seems to never end, but I love every single minute of it and I wouldn't change it for the world!

I cannot promise I will be the BEST blogger you have ever seen, but I can promise to give it my best shot!
I look forward to meeting and getting to know others just like me!
I encourage anyone to reach out to me on Twitter or Facebook! Like I said, I am talkative and I'd love to share thoughts with you!

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