Thursday, January 21, 2016

Sign Ups: Feeling Lucky? Giveaway Hop

The theme of this Giveaway Hop is kind of diverse. Let's just call it Luck.
The books can have anything to do with

  • St. Patrick's Day
  • Lucky People (always finding a way OUT of trouble)
  • Irish Alphas (those lovely Males with some Irish in them!)
  • Or take place in good ol' Ireland!
This hop does allow Gift Cards to be used in your giveaway; but for those giving away actual books - I ask that you please have the book meet the theme!

Hop Guidelines:
  • Follow theme of hop
  • Must include the Hop Banner
  • Post MUST be up by 12AM EST time (if not up when I update the linky list, your link may be deleted) 
  • Giveaway of a Book or Gift Card only
  • No more than 8 entry task allowed. 
  • May only include ONE mandatory entry.
  • Must include the linky list OR a link to the list in your post so everyone can find all blogs participating!
  • Make shipping restrictions CLEAR on your post!
  • Can be more than 1 prize! (multiple books - a book & a gift card, etc.)
  • Cannot require a purchase in order to win
  • You are responsible for obtaining and getting the prize to the winner.
  • I encourage tweeting; but please do not tag me in your ENTRY tweet! (you're more than welcome to tag me when you post your link on twitter!)

Share The Hop:
If you signed up, and are feeling pretty generous; maybe you could send out a tweet (or use the one below) to spread the word on this super awesome giveaway hop?!
Sign Ups are OPEN for the Feeling Lucky? St. Patty's Day #GiveawayHop hosed by Fluttering Hearts Reviews! @PunkieVee

Sign Up:
You can sign up using the linky below!
Before the hop is set to begin, I will send out an email to everyone signed up!

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