Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sunday Post #3: Superbowl Sunday!

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Oh man, today is the big day around our house. SUPERBOWL SUNDAY! It's going to be a great time because my husband is going for the Panthers and I am going for the Broncos! I think Manning needs to go out on a high note!

It is also homework day around here, since the husband and I both have college classes that have assignments due by midnight tonight.. So I am going to speed through this and get as much done as I can before the big game! It was a kind of slow week around the blog this week because here at good ol' Fort Stewart, Ga - mother nature decided to drop 3 tornadoes on us randomly! No injuries and no deaths but tons of damage and many people displaced from their homes. Thankfully we have a wonderful military community and we were able to get the ball rolling on getting everything taken care of. The kids were out of school because it was damaged, but they have fixed everything but the gym and the kids can return on Monday (: - I am just now getting able to get things back in some order and get back to my daily routine!

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    I am not even going to lie; I slacked on this part this week..

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    Due to the circumstances, I did not get anything new this week! My mins has been in so many other places, but I will have some new Review Books as well as books I purchased on my own next week! So make sure you stop back in to check those out!

    I hope you guys had an AWESOME week on your blogs as well! 
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    1. I don't really care who wins today, but I'm going for the Broncos because I think Manning should go out with a bang as well! lol I'm just here for the commercials and halftime show :)

      Here is my Sunday Post

      Molly @ Molly's Book Nook

      1. YES! I agree 100%!
        Thanks for stopping by!

    2. Enjoy the games, but I haven't followed them for years... My daughter and her friends make a big production out of it, though, and I wouldn't mind going there just for the food. LOL

      Thanks for sharing your week, and for visiting my blog.

      1. I LOVE me some football! Even the kids get into around this house!

    3. Sorry to hear about the tornadoes! Yikes... glad no one was hurt and everyone was able to pull together. And happy Super Bowl- I don't really have a team in this one but I do like Peyton and would like to see him go out with the big win.

      1. YES! I am not a Broncos fan by any means, but I love the Manning brothers! I think after all he has been through, this year should be his!

    4. Add Wishlist Winning Wednesday to your schedule-you can win a book from your wishlist if it goes for the theme for that week- you can read about it here: Hope you will check it out!!